BCI Warranty

We value our customers.

When it comes to after sales support, BCI customers have options on where they have their services or repairs carried out.
If you wish to have a repair carried out under warranty* you can:
1.    Advise your nearest BCI dealer and make a booking with them to repair it
2.    For regional operators, if distance is an issue, you can advise your BCI dealer and get them to help you source parts, and then either take your vehicle to your preferred service provider, or if you have the facilities to do so, make the repairs in your workshop**
Conditions apply. BCI Clients can login here to find out full details.
*As long as the vehicle is within the “warranty period” - meaning it has not exceeded the mileage or time limit agreed to at the time of purchase from your BCI Dealer.
**A BCI representative must ensure it is a warrantable repair (i.e. faulty parts or workmanship) and you must prepare an estimate of the cost and have it approved to have the fault completed.
IMPORTANT: All warranty repairs to engines, transmissions and air conditioning systems MUST be carried out by that specific manufacturers service outlets.