BCI began building buses in Western Australia over two decades ago. Moving operations overseas to offer a competitive international product, BCI is still defined by our stringent Australian design, engineering and production processes.

Led by an Australian technical team, the group has developed leading innovations in  galvanised, stainless steel and aluminium bus bodies.

All BCI's are built to government statutory requirements and all in-house manufacturing and design is based on ISO9001 standards.

Quality control is closely inspected on the production line and extensive training for all engineering, technical and production personnel is key to our approach.

Training and educating our whole team leaves a positive footprint wherever we tread and our approach ensures the conformity of all production and most importantly a superior standard of quality and performance.

In 2011 BCI opened a new purpose-built production facility in Xiamen, China. The new facility offers an increased production capacity and greater quality control and boasts state-of-the-art manufacturing machinery.

Today, most BCI vehicles boast around 65% Australian content*

* Australian content refers to countries included in the Australian Free Trade Agreement, such as the United States.